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Natural Beauty Meets Function.

We wanted to create an electronic calculator that would fit into an elegant, high-end workspace.

It is our pleasure to introduce a calculator worthy of the Sui Series name.

This premium calculator features the incredible beauty of the aluminum bodies that the Sui Series is famous for.

Your Choice of Functional Beauty or Flat Design.

Select between two types of keys: our gently concave curved keys offer comfort and ease of use, while our flat design keys provide a clean, streamlined look that you'll love.

Delicate Hairline Finish.

The surface of each President Calculator is brushed to create a finish of beautiful lines even thinner than human hairs. This exquisitely subtle finish maximizes the natural luster of the aluminum, giving it a gorgeous yet tastefully subdued look and feel.

Elegant Luxury Even Before Opening the Box.

All of our products arrive in exceptional packaging featuring the Sui logo.
They make the perfect present to show your appreciation.

We can even print the design or message of your choice on the surface of the beautiful paulownia wood box.


Standard TYPE

Functions: Four-function arithmetic, memory, exponent calculation, reciprocal calculations, tax calculation, and automatic power-off (approx. 3 min.)
Size: Approx. 118 mm wide × 179 mm deep × 28 mm tall
Weight: Approx. 600g (excluding batteries)
Material: Aluminum
Surface Finish: Hairline

Notes: Specifications, design, packaging, and other specifics are subject to change without prior notice. Our products feature serial numbers printed on to demonstrate authenticity.


The following are only a taste of the customization options we can provide to meet your needs.

  • Printing

    On-demand printing of the design or image of your choice.

  • Engraving

    Have your company's logo, a message, or anything else engraved.

  • Plating & Anodizing

    Surface treatments to color your calculator, giving it a unique and beautiful style all its own.

  • Jewelry

    Have diamonds or other jewels embedded in any locations you would like, giving your keyboard an even more luxurious look and feel.


Set at retailer's discretion.